Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's the "FINAL" Countdown!!

I apologize in advance, this post is everywhere, just like my life these days!!

As of today, I have 35 days until the last day of classes and finals start. I am definitely in panic mode! LOL!! I have a million flash cards and several outlines for each class lying around everywhere. I do not even know where to start… Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I did not go back to my five day work week and thank God because I would be in even worse of a situation if I did. I still have not found productive things to do with the little free time that I have other than watching TV and sleeping. I have two HUGE stacks of magazines in my room that have been neglected as well as I have not been reading for leisure (who wants to look at words after reading legal books all day) and also neglected my book blog. I tried to do Jillian Michaels’ “30 day shred” because I am trying to get in shape, but stopped after day 13/14 (cannot remember).

I have to admit, this semester took a whole lot out of me energy wise. This semester has been filled with glee (because I am still in school), aggravation, disappointment, uncertainty, and rage. However I just continue to remind myself that we all (meaning people in law school) have to go through it and while some people are better at handling it, some (in this case, me) could possibly go crazy. I often sit in class daydreaming that I would meet some wonderful guy, we will hit it off great and he would say, “Why don’t you quit your job and strictly focus on going to school, I will take care of all your bills and necessities.” Wouldn’t that be great??? LOL!!!

On the positive side, I am about to be a year in on this four year sentence!! LOL! Time is surely flying by, but I am not complaining (even though I am not prepared) because the faster it come the faster it will be over.

Since I am almost one month away from finals, this Friday is my second annual, “Last Friday of Freedom Until Finals Celebration”!! This is where I pick a venue, with this year being a place that has $3 Martinis on Fridays and I plan to drink until my heart’s content and just have fun with friends. No telling where this evening will lead to and possibly end, but I believe it will be eventful nonetheless.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1 Semester down and 7 more to go......

Well I am back!  December/January was a very stressful period as I wait for grades to determine if I am back in school.  I never want to go through that again and I do not wish it on my WORST enemy.  I knew that flunking out the first time took a big chunk of my confidence, but I had no clue how much until last semester.  I thought that during my six years away, I was "cured".  I was soooo wrong.  I am learning that it is an ongoing process. 

Nevertheless, it is a new semester and I have a fresh start to do better.  This semester I am taking:

Civil Law Property
Legal Writing II and Oral Advocacy

Currently I am working on three days a week.  So I have Thursdays and Fridays to study and read ahead for class.  However after Mardi Gras, I will be back to my regular five day work schedule.  This semester I am trying to find more productive things to do with my leisure time (which in all honestly isn't that much) other than laying in the bed watching mindless TV.  I hoping that I can be more consistent with my blog so that I can work on my writing. 

As far as my classes goes, they are very time consuming, but after I get over the fact of it being so much work, the difficulty of the work is not hard at all.  I believe that if I STICK to my study schedule at least 50%, I will do extremely better than I did this previous semester.

Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Semester is over!!! (31 Day Challenge)



So now that school is out for the semester I can get back to doing the normal things in life.  I have so much to blog about.  During the semester, I have come to a major life decision.  Also I am currently participating in a 31 Days to Reset Your Life Challenge and it has been pretty eye opening to say the least. The challenge started on December 1st, so today is the 8th day. 

The purpose of the challenge is to help you:
  1. Rediscover your passion and purpose in life.
  2. Get clear about your goals for the new year.
  3. Create a map for your ideal life.
  4. Try new things and live outside of your comfort zone.
I think it is a great way to gain some clarity in your life because I know I sure need some. 

Please stay tune this weekend when I give you a recap on the days 1-10!!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

FINALS - One more to go.......

Three finals down and one more to go......

Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a difference a year makes!!!

This time last year, I thought my world had crumbled.

Last October:

1. I was laid off on 10/6/09.

2. Didn't really have savings because I was just getting even on my monthly bills so I could not afford my apartment with no job or with the severance package they gave.

3. Used the severance package to moved back home to Louisiana and live with my mom.

4. Got a crappy job in my area making (nevertheless very grateful for b/c I didn't have to use up all my severance pay) no money and looking at everybody face I grew up with.

5. Waiting to mail off my law school application and worrying about what my next step was going to be if I did not get in.

This October:

1. Now I am back living on my own (feel like an adult again)

2. Have a job where even though the pay is not great, I am in my field again and most importantly I am gaining experience!!

3. In law school worrying about finals and making it to the next semester!!

Life is seem to be looking good!!

I truly had to believe that everything happens for a reason. That God was just preparing me for the move. For spending time and getting reacquainted with old friends and family members and setting a solid foundation back on old stomping grounds.

When I moved back home a year ago, I thought that showed a sign that I failed. I was so worried about what everyone else thought about me, that I was not focused what I thought of myself. I was giving individuals to much power over me and they did not even realize that they had this power over me. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I was exhausted. I could not get myself together for nothing. I vowed to go into 2010 with a different attitude and that's exactly what I did (to some extent).

2010 brought a new job (not the current one) where I was interacting with individuals in the legal field and obtaining real courtroom experience. It made my quest for a law degree that much stronger. I finally received the acceptance letter and I eventually moved out.

Do I still worry about what people say about me or how I am perceived in their eyes? Sadly I do, but its something that I am working on everyday. Now it is just a different type of people and a different set of standards I feel I failed at. As I interact with more of the people I went to law school with the FIRST TIME, I get to that shameful place again. Nevertheless I can say that its getting better. Technically I don't have time to think about that stuff, I am too busy reading, outlining, and studying. LOL...

Slowly but surely things are getting better.... Do I have my days of "Bre you are f**king up, get it together!!" YES..... However I know that those days come with the terrority of my law school journey. Do I hate working and going to school part time? Yes, but again this is my journey and I cannot compare my journey with anyone else.

That's all folks....... Have you had a year that changed dramatically???? Let me know...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weight Wednesday - More like nothing Wednesdays

The goal was to be able to walk/run a 5k this Saturday (I want to do at least three in a year's period), but when I found out that my nephew first birthday party and a classmate wedding was going to be on the same day, I knew that I was not going to be able to do it that day.  I have to fit studying in at that time since my entire afternoon is booked and it is my last weekend of freedom (at least until finals). 

With that being said, I still wanted to train, I would just be better prepared for the next one I sign up for.  So with that in mind and the fact that my ex (the ONE) was coming into town.  Mind you I have not saw him in SIX (almost seven) years, I wanted to look my best.

HOWEVER....  I am still at my same weight..... The biggest I have ever been.  For some reason I cannot do it!  I want to really REALLY bad, but something is holding me back mentally.  I thought I had a better grip on this issue (setting goals into motion), but I guess I do not. 

One thing that I have accomplished is eliminating fast food out of my diet and cooking more at home.  I am on my third week of no fast food.  I have not seen a difference in my mood, energy level or weight (still the same size), but I am satisfied that I have gave into going to McDonald's and getting a 10pc nugget meal. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

The time is near....... FINALS

It is getting down to the wire..... I have 29 days before classes end. How am I doing?

Criminal Law 

1. Much better than I thought I was going to do. We are on our 6th hypo with the last two being "gumbo" hypos, which means that it is a scenario with TONS (like 35-40) of crimes in them.

2. I have tackled my first three hypos and created “model” answers for, now I just need to commit them to memory. Which are criminal responsibility, causation, intoxication/insanity and self-defense. I have a lot more to go.

3. My TA for this class has reassured me that I am on the right track so that was encouraging. Lets just hope I can stay on this road....


1. Up until now, it was going much worse than I thought it was going to go. I was real excited about this class, but (I think) due to the fact that the book we are using had Damages as the first subject. It took me for a loop. However we have moved on and now I am coming to grips with the new material.

2. At first and probably due to my criminal law professor telling us from day one what he wanted on the final and how he wanted it, I did not know what to expect from her regarding the final. Add in that I did not comprehend the material, I had a recipe of confusion. However everything is slowly coming into place and once I actually give the class the much-needed attention it deserves (because truthfully I have been giving the attention to criminal law), I think I can do wonders in this class.

3. This week or the next one, she will be giving us an "ungraded" midterm. So one class we will take the midterm and next class period we will go over it. Maybe this will help us (b/c I think the entire class is lost) learn what she expects of us regarding the final. After I see the midterm, maybe it will make me more comfortable.

Legal Research & Writing

1. The easiest, hardest class I ever had. LOL.... Seriously...

2. Finished the first draft of the memo. This is 75% of my grade for Legal Writing. I think I am comfortable with it. I have a conference with her to go over it today and I am hoping that I do not have to change a lot of things. I was given this tidbit of advice. COMPLETE THE ENTIRE MEMO so that I can have more input from her. So instead of giving her just the sections that she wanted, I completed the entire thing and I will have more time to work on my weak areas from jump street. I think we get only one more conference with her regarding the memo.

3. I like her teaching method, when she actually does teach. LOL!! It takes a lot of time for her to get her groove and by that time 2 hours have gone by and we only have one left, she tries to cram three hours of lecture into 1. Not good.......

4. With regards to Legal Research, most of that time was spent in the library doing actually legal research using the books. My school pride themselves on teaching their students to use the law library and not just using Westlaw. Actually we are not allowed to use Westlaw until next semester or next year.

5. I have a “Citation” quiz this Thursday, my goal is to ace this because I may need this to balance out the memo grade.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weight Wednesdays: 100 Push Up Challenge

In addition to my 5k training (which I am loving by the way), I also decided to join the "100 Push Up Challenge".  It is a six week training program where at the end of the six weeks I should be able to do 100 consecutive push ups!  It sounds fun and challenging all at the same time.  Plus I am only using 30 minutes a week to do it.  The website states that push ups improve your strength, fitness and general health. However what really got my attention was how they define your abs.  I have a goal to get me some Ciara abs by the end of the semester or at least by the summer time!  LOL

Before you start the challenge, you have to do an inital test to see what level you will start on.  Of course I am at level one!  Being a top heavy female, I have a lot to push up!  Nevertheless, it is my mission to do 100 push ups by the end of the six weeks.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Financial Fridays: Becoming Financially Stable

I finally finally recieved my REFUND CHECK from school!!!  OMG....  I am glad I was working because it really put a strain on my finances getting it so late. 

Every Monday without fail, I wake up and say, "Why the hell am I working AND going to school?  This is hard!!"  Could I make it with just my loan check alone?  Yes, but will it be extremely hard.  Trust me, there is a method behind this madness I am putting myself through. 

Since I just turned 28, I am embarking on a new stage in life.  There is one thing (other than my weight) that needs major improvement.


I can admit that I never been ignorant to the ways of having a good relationship with money and obtaining a  good credit history.  It is just that my past immaturity and lack of career opportunities made it a tough journey/challenge. It was particularly tough because no one taught me to manage my funds.  Thanks to my love of books, I taught myself, but due to the lack of funds, I could never put any of my learning into action.

I am financially coming to terms with knowing that I have to make sacrifices (and actually doing it) for a big return later.  I feel like since I will be in school. this is the perfect time.  My goal is to be debt free except for my car loan (08 Corrolla) and student loans by the time I am 30 (September 2012) or at the latest, by the time I graduate (Spr 13 or 14).

How am I going to do this?  Examining my financial mindset (something I am working on as we speak) and preparing myself for the adjustments and lastly coming to terms that it will not happen over night.

Things I am working on:
  1. Setting my financial goals
  2. Creating a budget
  3. Savings
  4. Tracking debt

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Twenty eight things to do while I am 28!

Last Thursday I turned 28.  I do not feel any different, other than knowing that I am closer to 30 than 20 is scary.  However I vowed that instead of doing a "things to do before 30" list, I will instead make a list of things to do before my next birthday.  This list range from the small things to huge things I have always wanted to do but never took out the time to do it.  So here goes.......

1. Make at least a 3.0 or better the first year of school.

2. Lose at least 20-30 pounds and KEEP THEM OFF.

3. Take at least one trip out of the state.

4. Have credit card paid off and obtain a “secured” one.

5. Pay off four personal loans from friends and family.

6. Create an IRA

7. Complete car emergency savings.

8. Have AT LEAST one quarter of the emergency savings completed.

9. Establish a vacation savings.

10. Complete “Insanity” AND the “P90X” workout regime.

11. Find a Yoga class and take it.

12. Read a book a month.

13. Run a 5k

14. Become a month AHEAD on every bill.

15. Have credit score move up 50-100 points.

16. Check on “charge off” accounts.

17. Learn how to swim.

18. Get car refinance.

19. Start learning Spanish.

20. Take Tennis lessons.

21. Buy a bike (want to run a triathlon for my 30th)

22. Read Moby Dick

23. Go to at least 2 concerts

24. Get a breast reduction.

25. Attend a professional sporting event (probably New Orleans Hornets vs Orlando Magic)

26. Buy stock into two companies.

27. Attend a Toastmaster’s classes

28. Treat myself to a spa day at an actual spa.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weight Wednesdays: Plan B

So me and Insanity did not work out!  I under estimated the dedication plus the level of strength needed to take this on.  I am no way in no kind of shape and after hurting my back doing one of the DVDs, I came to realize......maybe I need to take a step back and work my way towards doing this workout out regime!  LOL!! 

So I had the back injury and being burned out due to work, school, and the death of my grandmother, I quit.  I basically bit off WAY more than I could chew. 


Plan B!

I have signed up for a 5k.  Me and a friend/soror will be running (okay maybe walking and running) a 5k on October 30th.  I think that this is an excellent way to build my strength up, get into some kind of shape, and check off step one of my 10 step plan to ultimately participate in a triathlon!!! 

You maybe asking, "Will you quit this too?"  NO!  Why?  I have something motivating me.  An ex boyfriend is coming to town in literally two months and I need to look GREAT!!!  LOL!

With training for the 5k 3-4 times a week and weight training 2 times a week, I should be at my ideal weight by the end of the year!  Cannot wait to go through this journey....... WISH ME LUCK!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Week "END" Review! 8-29-10

Last week's post, after reading it, was very depressing, and after actually picking up the book and reading.  It was not so bad.  I guess I just had a bad case of nerves.

We had our first “official” week of school and I did not start on the right foot because I did not get the appropriate amount of sleep (because I procrastinated and didn’t start studying until 5pm) so by the time I left work and made it to class, I was exhausted.
Funny storyAs I was about to leave work and head to campus to get some reading done before class, my boss asked me did I have my books in the car. After replying yes, he requested that I go get them out of the car and go over the cases with him!!!! At first I was like what????? Nevertheless I am so grateful that he took interest because he really help me understand the cases and I felt like, “Ok I think I can do this.” I felt like I comprehended the material and actually went to class with confidence.

I am becoming more confident that I will do well my first semester.  Now that my mental state is getting better, I need to start focusing on my procrastination.  This needs to be eliminated before next weekend.  It is a problem that I am glad I am noticing now.  At the beginning of the week I was thinking that maybe working and going to school is not the best thing for me, but I am wrong.  I am learning a lot at work and all I really need to do is use my time wisely (and truthfully I am not).

OHHHH...  This week has been interesting in the money department.  I try to remain as discrete as possible because I do not want ANYTHING coming back to haunt me, but I can officially say I HATE THE FINANCIAL AID DEPARTMENT.  I just want someone to explain to me how can I do everything in a timely (no EARLY) fashion, and every step of the way I have had issues.  It came to a point this week that it distracted me from concentrating in a seminar that I was attending.  Thank goodness I have a job making a little money or I would be up the street.  The sad thing is that I still don't have my money and don't even know when I am going to get it.  SMH.......

Lastly, a "blast from my past" came to town this weekend.  It was a pleasant surprise to say the least.  It made me aware of how I want a relationship, but how right now..... it would not be possible.  How selfish would I be to try and start something now?  I barely can find time during the week to eat dinner and then my weekends (should) consist of studying.  It would be impossible. 

Next weekend is Labor Day weekend and I wanting to use those THREE days to read ahead and get on the ball. 

Wish me luck!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Week "END" Review! 8-22-10

This week has been the accumulation of six years of anguish, depression, recovery, determination, and redemption. For the past six years, I have been a walking zombie of sorts. Not knowing where I was going or what to do. Just aimlessly roaming here on this planet. Finally, I feel that I am on the path to something; I have a realistic view on my future and not changing it every other year. Knowing that even me is worthy of second chances.

Even with all of this, this week I have came across the same obstacles I encounter six years ago. I am having a hard time picking up the books to even open them up and start to read them. IT’S WEEK ONE PEOPLE and I am stressing over if I can comprehend the material!! It is strange that I can stress over something that has not even happened yet. It is strange that even before opening up a book, I already “assume” that I am not going to comprehend the material. I really need to talk to someone and see why I am like this.

Why did I do all of this (working on myself, reapplying to law school, and being accepted) to only revert right back to the very thing that made me fail? I truly believed that I had changed. Six years ago I didn’t know I had this problem, I didn’t know at the time that I was unconsciously setting myself up for failure because I stepping outside of my comfort zone, now coming into this situation KNOWING that my fear of failure is basically paralyzing me, I don’t know how to fix it.

I do know that it has nothing to do with law school personally; I am dealing with this on my quest to weight lost also.

In a couple of hours, I am going to try ONCE AGAIN, to open up my contract book, read the two chapters I scheduled myself to read and brief the cases inside of these chapters. Then on to Criminal law where I plan to read the first 100 pages and brief cases associated with these pages, then to Legal Writing and Legal Research.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weight Wednesdays - The Insanity Workout

I first found out about Insanity from not being able to sleep one night, there was nothing on TV so when the infomercial caught my attention, I watched it. When finding out it was from the same people who created P90X (which I have and highly recommend to people) and that I had two sorority sisters who did it and received excellent results because of it, I knew I had to have it.

At first I thought I was apart of a great secret (I love feeling like I know of something nobody else knows about), but what I didn’t know was that it very popular and getting more popular by word of mouth.

From the information I have, Shaun T (the person who created it) uses a technique called “Max Interval Training”. You are (in my opinion) basically working out at an extreme pace for a period of time (because to me there is not even a warm up!) and then you take this very short (maybe 30 seconds) break before you start the routine again, this time FASTER!!!! Then once again you take another short break and for the third time, YOU GO EVEN FASTER! Insane huh? My thoughts exactly!

The workout is 60 days long (I officially started Monday, 8/9/10), and being that today is day three, I have no comment other than it is hard as hell and I really am going to have to pray in order to get to the finish line. I keep thinking that I really need to get in shape and get to my desired weight. However, sometime just thinking that is not enough.

With an average of 40 minutes for the first 60 days and an hour the second 60 days, I realize that in order to get the full affect of the workout, I will have to do them first thing in the morning. Maybe it will provide me with the boost I am going to need throughout the day.

I been thinking that I should have started the program at the beginning of the summer so that I could have it finish by now. Now I feel that I am adding this extremely hard workout regime to my schedule as well as work and school. Nevertheless, that is water under the bridge and it is not as if I want to wait and do it after the semester is over. Maybe this is just the thing to keep me focus and my mind off unnecessary (men) things. Wake up, work out, go to work, go to class, study, come home, shower, and go to bed. PERFECT…..

Now what I am sure of is that I am nowhere near physically ready to be doing this workout. Remember, I was waking up tired, but my mission this first go round (yes I am probably going to do this workout regime the entire semester) is to just get through the workout each day. I am not trying to actually “be” Shaun T or the people on the video. If I do that, I will burn out fast and eventually quit (like I done with the P90X). My focus the first round is to learn the moves accurately and gain more energy and stamina. If I do not do it this way, I will bite off more than I can chew and quit.

This the closest I could find to my body type.  Hopefully I get the same (or better) results as she did!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Week "END" Review! 8-15-10

Well well well........  This week has truly been a roller coaster ride for me!!!!

It started Monday, major drama with the school and with my financial aid.  OMG!!!  What is the purpose of doing everything in a timely fashion when the school and/or administration is not doing what they need to do?? 

Tuesday I received the last of all my books.

By Wednesday, all was good again (regarding financial aid/registration) and then my focus was on the Orientation.

Thursday I was a nervous wreck.  Everyone (family and friends) kept laughing and picking with me saying, "Why are you nervous? Its only orientation!!"  When I made it there it felt was sitting in this same spot SIX YEARS AGO!  It made me even more aware of what I need to do. 

Friday I caught up with my brother from another mother and was really glad I saw him before he left town and before school.

Saturday.........  I got a tattoo!!! I been wanting one since high school and thank goodness I did not get one then!!!  They would have been real hood and ghetto if I would have got one then.  I always had this thing that I had to think about it for one entire year and if I still wanted it, I would get it.  Well from ages 18-25/26, I could never like the same thing for the entire year.  However for a year and a half, I have really been wanting a particular thing in a particular area.  Yesterday as I was driving, it dawned on me, "it's now or never".  I don't know if it was a good "lawyer" move, but that's what makeup, watches, and bracelets are for!!

I went by myself and just took in the moment. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

I have a new job, how is this going to affect school?

As stated in a previous post, I have been blessed to obtain new employment. It is nothing special, but it is a great stepping-stone to finding a better position once I am out of law school. There are many people asking why am I working and going to school at the same time? There are tons of reasons (well really just three):
  1. I cannot afford not to work.
  2. I need to work on eliminating debt in order to take the bar. I am not trying to do this on a student loan salary.
  3. I have monthly expenses that cannot be taken care of with a semester student loan check.
My problem with the new job is not the job itself, but becoming acclimated to the new settings. I know everyone is nervous when they have a new job, but have anxiety problems. Even after 5-6 months of working, I have extreme bouts of anxiety. It’s pretty bad and it has affects on my performance.

So actually, I need to be acclimated to not only the job, but to working and going to school at the same time. Which means that I have a tough battle ahead of me, but I am not only determine to win this battle, but win the war --- GETTING THROUGH FIRST SEMESTER.

In order to work AND go to school, I need to start right away setting myself up right and on the good foot.
  • Learn the ways of law school and the campus. I do not plan to hesitate to ask any question no matter how stupid it may sound to me or the person I am asking. I am getting to the maturity level that I starting not care how smart (intellectual) I sound. The focus is to get through the first semester. I know if I can get through the first, I can graduate!
  • Getting to know the administrative staff. Someone I really respect, told me the best folks to get to know is the administrative /support. I have seen how people often mistreat them and later pay for it when these same people go to them for help. These individuals always knows the “who’s who”.
  • Maintaining “to-do” lists. From previous posts, I have expressed how much of a “planner” I am. Being that I will be working and going to school, to-do lists are going to be vital. If I do not have one, I will feel like my brain is scattered. NOT A GOOD FEELING.
  • Schedule “me time”. FRIDAYS will be my day. NO STUDYING. I plan to use this time to do whatever I want to do. If this means lying in bed all evening after work, that’s what I am going to do. Catching up with DVR shows, reading, blogging, happy hours, talking on the phone with family/friends, etc. Basically even with the heavy schedule I am about to face, I still have to insert some me time in there or I am going to go crazy!!
So what about you? Do any of you have any tips you want to share?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Week "END" Review! 8-8-10

This week (and last) has been uneventful.  Just getting comfortable and settled into my new job. 

Enjoying the last couple of days I have left before they are consumed with reading and briefing cases. 

Enjoying eating what I want and being lazy before I start the Insanity workout.

Basically this week is my final week of freedom. 

Thursday night I have orientation and to say that I am nervous is an understatement.  I went to a political function last week and while mingling with attorneys, one in particular informed me that this years incoming 1L class was double the size they usually have.  Then they went on to say, "Please be on it, because with a size like that, they will be flunking people left and right."  WTF!!!!  That is not what I needed to hear!!

Now my nerves are really bad.  I am going to use Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday reading over the material they gave us.  We will be placed in groups during some part of orientation and have to discuss each situation.  I think that there are a total of 7, so I will read three tomorrow and two the other nights.

Wish me luck and next Sunday I will be back to tell you about orientation!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weight Wednesdays

On Friday, I discussed that I was working on the following items:
  1. Faith
  2. A positive attitude
  3. Good Health
  4. Financial Security.
This post will focus on developing good and better health. I am on a mission to not only to lose weight, but also get in shape. Earlier in life (just like many females) I was extremely skinny and being black, that was not a good thing. Being a senior in high school weighing 90-95 pounds and being 4’11, the only thing I had going for myself was big boobs. I desperately wanted curves and ass like everyone else. After graduating college, I was at a good 110 pounds. Even with the 10-15 pound gain, I still gained no curves and ass. Just a stick with tits……. I did not start to gain weight until January 2004…….hmmmm…..this was at the time I found out that I flunked. Connection???? Maybe so…

Now 6 ½ years later, I have ballooned to 150 pounds!!! Ten years ago this time I was preparing to leave for college any day weighing maybe 95 pounds and stressing because I could not find jeans sized 00. Being that I am 150 pounds, I swear that 10-15 of it is breast, matter of fact, an old doctor of mine told me it was. I was telling him that I wanted to lose weight and he stated, “well only aim for 10 pounds because your breast is at least 10 pounds because of their size.” I cannot believe I have let myself get this way. Now I am in no way fat or anything of that nature, but I am completely unsatisfied with my body and if I am not happy, it is going to project out and cause stress. This is the very thing that is happening. I know my issues with my weight are causing me to make horrible choices in men. However, that is another story for another post.

Now not only am I (in my and BMI opinion) overweight, but I am so out of shape that it is ridiculous. It is as if I wake up feeling tired. I seriously thought something was wrong me because I will lose breathe with just walking a couple of steps or walking up ONE flight of stairs. I was scared. Nevertheless seeing a doctor, I found out that I am anemic. Therefore, now that I have that in order and no longer stressing that something is wrong, I can focus of becoming better health wise.

How am I going to become healthier? By eating better, eliminating fast food and sodas, taking my iron pills for my anemia, taking vitamins, and………..

The Insanity Workout!!
(more on that next week…)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Financial Fridays....

I am thinking about starting a series called....... FINANCIAL FRIDAYS

Since my 28th birthday is coming up in September, I am now more than ever, focusing on becoming the woman I've have always wanted to be.  In order to do this, I need to become more in control with the following things:
  1. Faith
  2. A positive attitude
  3. Good Health
  4. Financial Security
During my time in law school, I will be putting myself first.  I will use the remainder of this year to focus on taking the steps needed in order to achieve my goals. 

The two most important ones for the this year is to do extremely well my first semester and to become current AND one month ahead on ALL MONTHLY EXPENSES. 

How am I going to do that?  Of course by using the good ole refund check and continuing to work while I go to school.  The last time I mention employment, I told you guys about the job offer that fell through.  Well guess what????  I have a new job!!!

It is in the legal field and I know that I will gain valuable knowledge (just as I did at my last job) and most importantly, I have very good hours and my boss is very encouraging about me obtaining my law degree.  He even offered to help me regarding course work!!! 

The only negative thing is that I was told one thing regarding my pay, but the pay is actually lower.  Nevertheless I think this place is an excellent fit for my first semester.  It is a great environment where I can get some reading done when there is not a lot to do and I don't have to worry about being interrupted.

However after finals, I will start looking for other employment...... Maybe I will just like it here so much that I would not want to leave...... So knows. 



Monday, July 12, 2010

Soon and very soon.......

Orientation is actually ONE MONTH from today!!!

I am getting more nervous as the days go on.... LOL.....

The one question I keep going over in my head is:

Is it better to know what you going into or go into something blindly?

Okay back to the subject at hand, I am about to embark on this great adventure (again) in exactly one month, and you know what?  I have yet to receive any information on what I am suppose to be doing.  Meaning all I know (and this came from the acceptance letter) is that Orientation is on the 12th and Registration will be on the 16th.  HOWEVER no correspondence has arrived as of today informing me of a time or any additional information.  I was worried about this until I made a call to the school and they informed me that I should receive something in July.  So I guess I will have to bug my mom every other day to see if anything has arrived. 

Other than that, the only thing I am focusing on is getting settled into the new apartment.  We get the keys on Friday so basically I am continuing to do what I did over the weekend (other than watch YouTube videos), clean up, organize, and pack.

I don't know how it go at other schools, but at the one I am attending, it crucial that you obtain you some "POOP".  Poop is basically old outlines, notes, and xams from 2Ls and 3Ls.  Particularly from individuals who took the professors that you will be taking.  This is a welcome guide to help you throughout the semester.  It helps you weed out the riff raff early on and not to be studying unnecessary things.  The only thing I recommend is to not accept anybody's poop.  PLEASE make sure that whoever poop you get, they have made a good grade.  Also never pay for this information.  There are some decent individuals out there who are willing to help you, all you need to do in return is to PAY IT FORWARD.

I haven't took a look at them yet, I am staying true to my word.....I am not doing anything (other than enjoying my last days of freedom---as I call it) until the first Monday in August.  There is really no need. 

Lastly, I am going to start working out again.  Get back into the habit of it.  They say 15 days straight of anything becomes a habit.  So this weekend I will go to the park and have a walk and the next 14 days do the same thing.  Slowly incorporate some healthy eating into my life.  Now the only thing I need to figure out is how am I going to figure out my workout schedule once school starts.  Should I work out early in the morning (5:30am)? I am thinking my schedule will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights, so should I just work out Thursday-Sunday?  Still trying to figure that out..... 

What do you guys suggest?